Friday, February 8, 2008


After reading The Essential Anais Nin - I fell in love. I went to the library and got every book I could. Sadly, for the bibliophile - enough is never enough. So I searched the internet for some other goody and came across a blog featuring a picture of a resin bracelet meant in tribute to Anais Nin. It sold out late 2007 tho. Not one to be discouraged I contacted the maker and lo and behold - there is ONE LEFT that is not listed - and yes - I made it mine!

You too can find a resin bracelet made in homage to a book - this time not Anais Nin but Lolita.

LOLITA Bracelet

LOLITA Bracelet
Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.

by Vladimir Nabakov

Beautifull bracelet made of high quality clear resin.

Desin for this bracelet was inspired by Vladimir Nabakov book "lolita'.

The bracelet is 2,45 inches (6.2 cm) wide on the inside

My resin bracelets are hand made by myself from the very beginning when the project forms to the very end when I polish each ingredient separately.All this long process makes each of my work very unique and personal. Most of the bracelets have some decorative
elements embedded inside, however some versions come
in one, clear colour.
These bracelets are very unique - they come in either
one exceptional piece, or in the limited series of
Because each bracelet is individually made by hand,
there are no two exactly same pieces! One can be sure
they would have a truly unique piece on their wrist!

I am so VERY VERY tempted to have two now ;)

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