Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snap This Up

Toy cameras started in the 90s in a book shop. So this is Superheadz's way to say thanks to all book shops and book lovers. This imaginary Russian book is fitted with a camera inside it.
After taking great photos with it, you can keep it inconspicuously on your book shelf. It comes with a normal lens and a close-up lens.

Lens: 23.1mm f8
Shutter: 1/80
Film advance: Manual
Film: 110mm film (film sold separately here.)
Flash : None
Body Size: 110x31x68mm
Weight: 110g
Accessories include: Paper case, manual.

Price: AUD$70.00

To Purchase

Recently finished:
Persepolis 2
Marjane Satrapi

This is an auto-biographical graphic novel series about growing up in Iran during a time of war as well as traveling around Europe while trying to figure out who you are in a world when you feel you can't go home - or at least not yet.

The Other Boleyn Girl
Phillipa Gregory

I'd seen a few of her books around during the time I spent working in the back of a bookstore. The back seemed interesting enough but I never felt the full compulsion to purchase.

More than happy with this book I was not disappointed by finding that this was a series that needed to be read in a particular order. Hopefully soon I will make my way through the rest of what I am nearly certain will be a truly wonderful series.

If you have already read and any of the above books - rejoice - they will very soon be made into movies.

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