Friday, February 29, 2008

Choke - The Movie

I have been meaning to mention this for some time and there is no way my words can convey this joyous news to you better than the writers on the cult:

Choke will hit theaters on August 1st, 2008!

Cast and crew of Choke at The 2008 Sundance Film Festival

Big News: Choke has been purchased by Fox Searchlight for $5 million. Choke has also won Best Ensemble Cast jury award at Sundance!

Chuck’s fourth novel Choke tells the story of Victor Mancini, self-proclaimed sex addict and fake restaurant choker. Turning regular diner patrons into instant “heros,” Victor fakes his way through life, exploiting funds from good Samaritans to keep his old mother from death’s door.

Choke had an approximate 30 day shooting schedule over the summer of 2007. It was budgeted at roughly 2 million dollars, and shot on location in Vernon, New Jersey. It sold on Tuesday, Jan 22nd, to Fox Searchlight Pictures for $5 million. Check out this interview with first-time director Clark Gregg on adapting Choke. Chuck has raved about Gregg's script, and already reviews pouring in from Sundance have been very positive. A little history on Gregg: He wrote the Robert Zemeckis thriller What Lies Beneath and, as an actor, is a regular on the hit TV show The New Adventures of Old Christine. Gregg adapted Choke into screenplay form and has been championing the project for years now. Here is Clark Gregg's IMDB page.

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