Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where Have I Been and What Else Do I Have to Say About the Kindle Text-To-Speech Function

Well I do have some things stored away to post about and I did indeed give the Kindle text-to-speech a spin. But first an explanation of where I was. AT first I was just gloriously buried in knitting but a few days ago my husband received a FedEx from the military. He is being called back and then sent to Iraq. Things have been a bit hectic here - trying to figure out what will happen to me when he leaves, canceling any contracts that need to be canceled, and trying to still manage to enjoy each other in the time we have left.

Now about that kindle:

I tried to listen to The Torture Garden and all was fine until I realized that the kindle does not realize when to pause. Which really affects the tone of the story. The voice itself is not so bad but perhaps I chose a bad first book to try with this.

I also have the conundrum of when I go out needing access to my knitting patterns. What on earth does this have to do with the kindle? You can upload music, audio books, and in my case - knitting patterns to it. At first I thought I would need to buy the proper adapter. Not so! For any of you who have one or as considering one - you can remove the outlet plug-in to reveal a USB connector. The Kindle comes up like any other removable drive and you can drop and drag to the correct folders.

More specifically about loading knitting patterns. Since so many of them are PDF's you should know it is best for you to open the pattern and save as text instead of copy. When you save as copy your pattern isn't viewable. I do not recommend loading any pattern that requires a chart. I haven't tried to do it yet but I cannot see how that would fair well.