Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rebounding from Rebound

The other day in my post book purses I mentioned Re-bound designs. Well I've run across another Rebound book store.

Thanks to Re-bound:
After noticing a lack of interesting and practical journals to write in, Melburnians Ben Mason and Natalie Crupi decided to meld their love of old books and creative writing to come up with Rebound. Being avid readers, they thought about all those hard cover novels sitting unwanted and unloved on shelves gathering dust. What if they could turn those covers into a house for writing? Or sketches? Or travel stories? So they set about rescuing the best looking hard cover novels from dusty shelves in charity op shops, filling them with 100% recycled denim paper (completely tree-free and made from denim offcuts and scraps) and binding them with a sturdy wire to create one of a kind blank journals. Each Rebound journal is hand made, each cover is unique, each page is hand cut and each binding is closed by hand.


Each of these delightful book will run you around $30.00

I know what I plan on carrying to class this next session.

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