Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Netflix. A gift to so many of us. Personally I'm on the 6-at-a-time plan.

There's an old joke that goes "An Irish man walks out of a bar"

Well - a bibliophile walks out of a bookstore
a bibliophile logs on to Amazon

If you're like me you more than understood that. Recently my stuck-up self was coerced into visiting thrift stores and Goodwill. Nothing against them but I prefer to get my own stink into my things. This past weekend I learned that you can get books in thrift shops for bewteen 50 cents and 2 dollars.

For a bibliomaniac this is still not enough.


Bookswim features plans for about $20 (there are no late fees) or a 5-At-A-Time Plan for $23.99 (they claim that's their most popular plan but honestly, who has time to read 5 books a month?!). They have a selection of more than 150,000 books including new releases, bestsellers and classics and an easy queue to showcase and store upcoming titles. Just like Netflix, you get free shipping both ways and you can opt to purchase titles you love at a discount. read more

While the selection is smaller than other web stores like Amazon, the idea that you can rent and share books is really exciting and certainly cost effective. The site is new and has received a great deal of attention in the last few weeks, so you may experience technical difficulties on the site from time to time.

Thanks to dumpster diving on GeekSugar for this info.

While you're at it check out (for those of us who have Netflix and STILL go to Blockbuster)

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