Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How I Lay My Book Down

Not long after I find this and decide to post about it

The bookshelf lamp from Plow and Hearth


I found out about this:

The Rainbow Book Stand
Price: 19,950 yen (US$175.75)
Device: Book stand
Basic specs: 82 × 43 × 2cm base, arm at 66cm when in use, 53cm when not in use, eyesight distance of 30-40cm, 4.5kg

Translation from site:
The book-reading stand is the ultimate weapon in order to read the book with the bed. When going to bed book-reading environment drastically changes! The ultimate weapon in order to read the book with the bed and the futon is this "book-reading stand". The person who has the habit one time before the night and the going to bed of enjoying book-reading with the bed and the futon, does, being to be many, but book-reading technology with the that comparatively comfortable bed futon is established and besides the fact that you say that it is strange, the lever it has not been. As for the problematical point of book-reading in this case there is two. It is problem of attitude and problem of the illumination. As for the young person the う crush in attitude, under the face expanding the book, when the case which is read the ginger, is repeats age in majority group this attitude gradually becomes difficult. Generally, because the sled apply the backbone and others the せ て being it actualizes, it does this attitude, unreasonable burden is applied on the body. Because with age the distance to which the focus meets gradually becomes long to that, unless the body can be bent more, it stops being able to go. When it is this attitude even with the young person, distance to the book being too close, for the eye it is not good, probably will be. Whether saying, when it tries probably to read with transverse and the looking up, first, the illumination becomes difficult, to hit does not support the book with the both hands and as for the て being not to become becomes tired very. Those where these problems are solved entirely are this book-reading stand. This device firmly supports the book and, it applies also the illumination securely from the front. Though until heart it goes in state of the looking up which is natural going to bed attitude, being to be able to enjoy book-reading, it does. Like this, saying, very, it makes believe, being, it does, but (the sled ゃ so probably will be. If there is no such device, because it is the world where it cannot experience when), it is and the ちど tries experiencing, it is the thing undertaking which is surprised. When using the "book-reading stand", honesty saying, there are two problems. One just a little is exaggerated. Perhaps this キカイ of the steel make the person who is thought that design it is mismatch in the bedroom, it is. And already 1 Tsuga somewhat being accustomed is necessary. The page it turns a little just is in the り and the like, but skill period is necessary. We recognize the fact that it is these two problems. But, as for the strong steel which has this exaggerated impression securely being to support the book, the sense of security is preeminent. And the comfort which can adjust the distance of way and that occasionally optimum attitude book which have been side freely delicately for just a little practice (perhaps secret you think) you make permit in 15 minutes that you can swallow, is not, probably will be? They are such a ones as for the "ultimate weapon" regarding whichever field. As an exchange condition into book-reading time of happiness, how please see approximately. "However long time, the book is read with the bed, inconvenience how it is not felt", that being also the one which is said to be many, it does, but, when one time it tries using the book-reading stand, overstraining until now, extremely reading the book, you rediscover the fact that even with such one it hurt. The air just has not been attached, to sleep, it reads in the floor being fairly well to use the physical strength. Please try you experiencing comfortable book-reading time by all means with the book-reading stand.

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