Friday, February 29, 2008

Living Dead Dolls

I first noticed the living dead dolls when I was in high school. As much as I wanted one I never got one.
I have since found that there are certain sets available that could appeal to the bibliophile:

Edgar Allan Poe and Annabelle Lee
Living Dead Dolls Edgar Allan Poe & Annabel Lee Doll Set
Living Dead Dolls Presents Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee

The American author, Edgar Allan Poe's final poem was "Annabel Lee," written in 1849 and published shortly after his death that same year. It is unclear whether the "Annabel Lee" character in Poe's poem referred to a real person. Some say it was written for his wife, some for a lover, and others that it was the product of Poe's gloomy imagination. Regardless, this LDD set of dolls comes outfitted in period clothes, and comes complete with a raven and a book of poetry.

Window box packaging.

Other people of possible interest:
Lizzie Borden
Living Dead Dolls Mini (Lizzie Borden)
Jack the Ripper
living dead doll
American GothicLiving Dead Dolls Exclusive American Gothic
The Black DhaliaLiving Dead Dolls Series 5 Dahlia Doll

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