Sunday, May 18, 2008

Site Updates

I have made a few minor changes to the site.

1. I have learned the golden rule of blogging - and thus have begun sourcing more of my info
2. I have begun adding post labels for searchability - because if you're like me you like having that option available
3. Because there should always be a three

Recently finished:
The Stepford Wives
Ira Levin

Alright. I have now read the book and seen both movies. I can not say without a doubt in any form I get it - I love this story. Also, guilty Lifetime watch I sometimes am - I have even seen the Stepford Husbands a few times (btw - story still rocks that way too.)
I believe this now puts me at around 75 books out of the 300 I am hoping to read this year.

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