Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moleskins and Men

Men - they're out there and the good ones are literate. However, I have no idea how many read my blog. But since this is a distinct possibility I wanted to post this top 100 list of reads for men that I found while I was reading Hitting on Girls in Bookstores.

The other week I posted about the moleskin. Well so did the blogger running the above mentioned blog. I thought it was hysterical (although his venom at the end about pens makes me sad.)


A Moleskine is a tiny black book that writers have been using for centuries, apparently. Before I even get to my next sentence I'm going to go ahead and tell you that I do own one. But there's a difference between owning one and writing in it and owning one and using it in public (for instance, I'm not an attention whore).

Moleskine, to me, says "I think I'm a fucking genius who doesn't have to use a laptop or a dollar notebook from Walmart."* It says "I am so 19th century and have decided to rebel against those pricks at Starbucks who use machines that require an outlet. My Moleskine has a ribbon place holder and you can't plug that shit into an outlet, that's how hardcore I am."

The person who uses a
Moleskine in public wants to be approached! That way they can tell you what they're putting in it! Because it's so damned important for others to know that "I'm a serious writer. Look how serious I am! I'm using an expensive notebook! And it has a pocket!"

Using a
Moleskine makes it appear that you put too much thought into what tools you're using to write, as opposed to just writing. And if that person goes into a spiel about how Neil Gaiman uses one, well, then, you're not Neil Gaiman and he can do whatever the hell he wants because he's Neil Gaiman.

If you want someone to read what you write: don't use a
Moleskine; get a blog and rant about how Moleskine users piss you off.

*And the pens these people use, oh, the pen can sometimes cost more than the notebook.
Note: Mine was a gift and has never left my house.

While you're there I recommend reading his post titled Pride & Arrogance (and the asshole way)

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