Monday, May 26, 2008

Be Like Me - Find a Reason to Make Every Day a Party!

Perhaps the post about towel day peaked your literary holiday curiosity (what sort of phrase was that?) Anyhow. I did some digging just for you ma' babies.

By the way it seems this month is National Under-Appreciated Librarian Month as well as Get Caught Reading Month

Library Lovers month - February
National Book Month - October
National Library Week--4th week in April
Reading is Fun Week--4th week in April
Read a New Book Month--December
Read Me Day--April 23
On this day, wear clothes that everyone can read.
National Storytelling Festival--October 5
Tell a Story Day--April 27
Read an Almanac Month--July
Dictionary Day--October 16
Card Reading Day--February 21
National Columnists Day--June 27
Humorists Are Artists Too Month (HAAM)--March
Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month--September
Poetry Month--March
Great Poetry Reading Day--April 28
Bad Poetry Reading Day--August 18
Limerick Day--May 12
Clerihew Day--July 10
Mother Goose Day--May 1
Winnie the Pooh Day--January 18
Paul Bunyan Day--June 28
Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day--July 4
Tolkien Week--Last week in September
Hobbit Day--September 22
Alfred Hitchcock Day--March 12
Eliza Doolittle Day--May 20
Dear Diary Day--September 22
Plan Your Epitaph Day--November 1

List of Authors birthdays

Thanks to Today in Literature you can literally become more aware of bookish history ;)

I also turned up the calendar of literary facts. Just click on the month and day you wish to know more about and there you have it.

Literary significance of each month in the year

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