Monday, June 23, 2008

The Name of This Book is A Secret

I am terribly sorry I have not been posting much. I am in the throws of wedding planning with no help from anyone else and the date is August 2nd - so much to do!

Now on to my post.

Recently I finished the book Middlesex. I must say I am not entirely sure what the obsession with this book is. I liked the 2nd half much better than the 1st. My favorite portion was when the notion of the girl crush is brought to light.

The girl-crush is something so many females get and none admit to. Over at the Clothes Horse the (shared by many including yours truly) admission of a girl crush on someone a few of us have come to know as "Louise the Redhead."

There are other things people choose not to regularly admit to - secret reads if you will. Trashionista not unlike the Clothes Horse has the cohones to admit her secret read.

A secret read can be defined as something "worthy and fashionable" when instead they are enjoying a "children's book or a bodice-ripping romance".

My own personal secret read will be revealed once I figure out what on earth it may be.

And as a personal comment to le trashionista I say. We still love you over here no matter what you read shuga.


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