Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still Somewhat Buried in Schoolwork

In honor of the fact I was partially so busy finishing math classes in record speed. For some of you math geeks out there I present the equation bookshelf.

And because when I wasn't busy with math homework I was studying for mid-terms and trying to catch up on class reading the "this is not a bookshelf" bookshelf:
Available at twenty twentyone

But have no fear this bookshelf really is made of books but sadly the link to the instructions to make this is dead.
Recently worn:
J. Crew's library cardigan. There are still a few floating around on ebay waiting to be grabbed!

Recently read:
A La Carte: The Secret Lives of Grocery Shoppers
Hillary Carlip

Alice in Quantum Land: An Allegory of Quantum Physics
Robert Gilmore

The Sonnets
William Shakespeare

Violin Owners Manual
Hal Leonard Corp.

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